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>> YouTube

All of our sermons, bible studies, and video announcements are posted on our YouTube page. If you subscribe to our page (you'll need a google account or a Gmail account) you'll get notifications whenever we post something new in addition to our weekly emails. Otherwise, add the page to your favorites bar and check occasionally. Our Sunday Service is posted every Sunday at 8AM without fail, and you can watch it premiere live! We also have a Friday Devotional that we post every Friday afternoon from our youth director. 

>> Facebook

We have a page for official updates and reminders that you can follow. Feel free to message us through Facebook if you have any questions. Our Sunday Service also premieres here, and if you "like" our page you'll receive updates whenever we post a new video.

>> Instagram

To see the occasional picture from the staff of St. Mark's UMC, follow us here and get a taste for what we're all about. 

>> Twitter

We post the occasional article from the UMC as well as blog posts from pastors and thinkers in the Methodist tradition. Mostly theological conversations, but fun if that's what you enjoy! 

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