Tree of lights 2021

A big thank you to our Tree of Lights donors this year. You've helped St. Mark's UMC through a difficult year and we're forever grateful. 


Sharon Apon // In honor of the St. Mark’s UMC Staff and Volunteers

Audrey Sansone // In memory of Hank Sansone

Thomas Kray // In memory of Sheldon + Ruth Kray, Ves + Jane Vosters

Diane Mackey // In memory of my Dad, Richard Flecher

Sue Murphy and Daniel Thomas // In memory of loved ones

Jerry Maupin // In Memory of Marilu Maupin

John + Lynn Follrod // In Celebration of the Coming of the Christ Child

Joy Tewold // In Honor of Wendy Nakhla

Elaine Butts // In Honor of Missions

Earl + Ethel Coggin // In Memory of Ruth Coggin Bryington

Carrie Aumermann // In Honor of our Families

The Frahm and Daniels Family // In Memory of Bill

Pam // In Memory of my sons and their father. In honor of my Son and Daughter

Rob + Laurie Jeffery // In memory of Pam Labrie, Robert + Louise Jeffery,

Stephen Winchell

Verena & John Faure // Remembering Dieter Kremser

John Handy // In memory of Betty Lou

The Jones Family // In honor of doctors, nurses, frontline defenders against covid-19 pandemic

Lori Baldwin // In memory of Margery Rhoades, “The Best Mom Ever.” 

Bill and Jeannette Curtis // In memory of our parents

Ruby Jenkins // In memory of my husband Harry

Chris and Karin Patrick // “Happy Birthday Jesus”