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Tree of lights 2022

Thank you to the following individuals who have donated in memory or in honor of loved ones  this year! 

Anonymous // In memory of Marilyn Ganton Merrit & Deanna Mattson

Antontelli Family // In memory of Shirley Graesser

Jennifer Austin // In memory of Sandra S. Lewis, James Taylor, Sharon Anderson

Donna Beckwith // In memory of Paul Beckwith

Earl & Ethel Coggin // In memory of Philip & Mary Cohen, Lee Cohen,

                                       Robert & Pat Croll

Bill & Jeannette Curtis // In memory of Wanda Pratt

John Handy // In memory of Betty Lou Handy, Gail Handy

Nancy Hornbeck // In memory of Pete Hornbeck

Susan Hultenius // In memory of her parents

Ruby Jenkin // In memory of Harry Jenkins

Tom & Carol Kray // In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Kray, Mr. & Mrs. Ves Vosters

Diane Mackey // In memory of Richard & Ruth Flesher

Misty Manuel // In honor of loved ones

Mary McCollum // In memory of husband, Roland McColllum, son, Dr. James Lord

Lola Mitchell // In honor of Cindy Fleming, Jill & Patrick Cha, John Mitchell

June & Jan Pustelnyk // In memory of Mike Pustelnyk

Susan Reilly // In memory of Mike Smith

Donna Riley // In honor of family

Audrey Sansone // In memory of Joyce Harmon, Hank Sansone

Jan Semple // In honor of Gene Semple & Ruby Voyles

Joy Tewold // Love to the family of St. Mark's!


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